Manoir Saint-Sauveur


  • Activity kiosk at manoir saint-sauveur

    Activity kiosk at manoir saint-sauveur

    Located in the hotel, the concierge is your base and your personal organizer for all your sports, cultural and tourism outings in Saint-Sauveur and the region. You can reach our concierge by email:

Sporting activities in Saint-Sauveur and the region

  • The viking alpine coaster

    The viking alpine coaster

    Unique attraction in Canada!

    Combining roller coastering and summer luging, this ride is absolutely unique since it passes through more than one thousand meters of mountainous terrain. Learn more

  • Acro-nature


    A breathtaking adventure in the heart of the Laurentian forest ! Filled with challenges for all family members, ACRO-NATURE allows you to get great chills from the tree tops. With a total of 6 circuits, including 2 juniors and 73 stations, the treetop challenges will give you thrills and adrenaline rushes. Created to give participants a more athletic challenge than traditional paths, the courses feature mobile beams, accordion foot ridges, timber ladders and zip-lines that can make you glide over as much as 987 feet !

  • horseback riding

    horseback riding

    During all four seasons, this activity will take you through the magnificent and captivating Laurentian forest. Learn more

  • jeep 4X4 extreme rides

    jeep 4X4 extreme rides

    Buckle up and drive to an off-road and uncommon adventure in the Canadian forest. Accompanied by a guide, you will travel the moutain paths, discover stunning panoramic views and cross a wide range of emotions. Action galore for the fearless!

  • Doncaster Park

    Doncaster Park


    More than 10 kilometres of trails dotted with waterfalls and wooden bridges await you in this nature park located in Sainte-Adèle, a few kilometres from the manor. Families can opt for more accessible paths along the Doncaster river, while sportier enthusiasts can opt for more mountainous route. An wonderful outdoor activity, from the calm to the deer. Learn more


  • Shopping


    Whether for fashion, interior design, culinary arts, sporting goods, crafts ... In Saint-Sauveur there's something for every taste and budget. Both the traditional shops of the old village as well as the surpluses store for of the major brands found in the factory outlets.
    Learn more 

  • Night life

    Night life

    Well known as a family holiday destination, Saint-Sauveur is also a trendy village that loves entertaining. Learn more

  • Pine cinema

    Pine cinema

    The stars shine all year round at the Pine ! Best new releases, vintage ambiance, excellent sound and imagery, plus premiere events. Learn more

  • Chemin du terroir

    Chemin du terroir

    Discover the Laurentian region in a new light with the '' chemin du terroir'' of the Laurentians. Inaugurated on October 1st, 2010, the ''chemin du terroir'' is a country road with special street signs, covering more than 226 kilometers that lead to one thousand rural treasures. Learn more

  • Le Castelet français art gallery

    Le Castelet français art gallery

    Since 1976, the art gallery specializes in buying and selling ancient and modern works of art representative of the riches of Canadian paintings. Learn more

Cultural activity

  • Henry Giroux art gallery

    Henry Giroux art gallery

    The owner of this gallery, situated in Morin Heights, presents visitors with his works of art, essentially landscapes and still life. Learn more


Manoir's Map

Pavillon Cadillac (Section 3000)
Pavillon Avoriaz (section 1000)
Pavillon Bordeaux (section 2000)
Pavillon du Domaine (section 4000)
Chambres (section 5000)
Whistler C
Whistler B
Whistler A
Vail D
Vail C
Vail B
Vail A
Aspen A
Aspen B
Chamonix B
Chamonix A
Edelweiss B
Edelweiss A
St. Moritz
Foyer Everest
Everest B
Everest A
Matterhorn C
Matterhorn B
Matterhorn A
Foyer Matterhorn
Elevator (section 5000)
Janitor's Office
Elevator (section 6000/Basement)
Hunter's cloakroom and office
Kids club
Main Entrance
Le Boudoir Bar
La tablée
Terrasse extérieure
Outdoor Pool
2 outdoor Tennis Courts
Exercise Room
Piscine intérieure
Spa du manoir