Manoir Saint-Sauveur
Massage therapy

Farewell fatigue, stiffness and tension!

Massage therapy

Provided by certified massage therapists and based on the Swedish technique, our massages are designed to totally relax, reduce stress and muscle fatigue, and finally, to restore your life force and balance.

From $ 60

Massage therapy Massage therapy

Therapeutic Massage

  • AROMATIC MASSAGE (with hot packs) 60 min.
    This massage combines the therapeutic effect of touch with the physical and moral benefits of essential oils and the application of moist heat. The aromatherapy will help you regain your energy and balance throughout the day. Check with your therapist what formula - relaxing or invigorating - best suits your needs.
  • THERMAL MASSAGE (with hot packs) 60 min.
    A deep massage adapted to your particular needs, and performed with a biological and thermal balm that soothes sore muscles and joints. This massage's grand finale comes in the form of moist heat, which brings all the warmth and comfort that your body needs. To ensure a long-lasting effect, it is strongly suggested that you take a few contiguous sessions. Check with your therapist.
    104 $
  • Swedish therapeutic massages (also available for two)
    60 min.
    99 $
  • Swedish therapeutic massages (also available for two)
    90 mins.
    139 $

Swedish massage

  • Swedish Massage 60 min.
    (also available in duet)
    A massage that combines firmness and softness, stimulates blood flow and lymphatic circulation. It also releases lactic acid to dissipate cramps and bring back strength and flexibility to your muscles.
    99 $
  • Swedish Massage 90 min.
    139 $

Massage for relaxation

    Placed on the muscles to ease tension, the hot stones then travel throughout the body in large strokes of incredible sweetness. A cocoon of relaxation, peace and harmony.
    $ 149
  • RAIN MASSAGE 60 min.
    This massage, given under a body-temperature fine rain, provides complete relaxation.
    $ 109

Specialised massage

  • PREGNANCY MASSAGE (12 weeks) 60 min.
    Performed using a highly moisturizing biological balm, this therapeutic massage helps prevent stretch marks and relieve muscle tension. It is permitted from the 20th week of pregnancy or earlier as per your physician's prescription.
    99 $
    A light and precise massage that stimulates your lymphatic system, helps eliminate toxins and invigorates nutritional elements for your cells, while reducing water retention and cellulite. Drink plenty of water after the treatment to efficiently cleanse all toxins.
    60 min. 105 $
    149 $
  • REFLEXOLOGY 60 min. 
    Applying pressure to the foot's reflex zones stabilizes vital organ functions.
    99 $
  • Kobido massage Ancestral anti wrinkle treatment reserved for Japanese empresses. Today, you too can enjoy this same rejuvenating ritual that restores beauty and well-being!
    A Kobido massage stimulates body and facial energy by relieving the muscle tension leading to wrinkles.
    It involves 40 separate hand manoeuvres (pressure point, tapping, palming, etc.) plus the use of hot towels, essential oils, a bamboo rolling massage and a gemstones massage to help drainage.
    A Kobido massage significantly relaxes the nervous system and effecively fights headaches, insomnia, fatigue and eye pain.
    It also strengthens the immune system, increases blood flow and stimulates collagen production.
    from $ 145 to $ 185
  • Shiatsu massage 60 min.
    This massage technique is of Japanese origin executed by pressures, stretching and mobilizations in order to balance the flow of vital energy in the body parts. Practiced on the ground, on a futon, over the clothes, this treatment relaxes muscles, helps maintain joint mobility, harmonizes digestive functions and calms the nervous system.

    90 min. $ 130
    99 $
  • Lomi Lomi massage 60 min.
    The Lomi Lomi is a massage, synchronizing harmony and stimulation. The fluid yet fast movements remind the waves, the ocean and the come and go of the waters of the tropical islands of Hawaii. They liberate tension and restore harmony between body and mind. The long and fluid movements of the forearms and hands nourish the body and chase the toxins, meanwhile the elbows permit to release all tensions. 90 minutes also available with an extra.
    $ 99

Outdoor Massage

  • Outdoor Massage 60 min

    90 min: $149
    109 $

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